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Our company Fid-D Ltd. is specialising in the development and production of the unique mercury recycling and demercurization equipment.


The equipment can be used for the utilization of the following:

  • luminous lamps of all types,
  • devices, containing mercury,
  • materials, contminated with mercury (soils, construction materials, etc.)
  • mercurial amalgams,
  • etc.

Fid-D company has its own demercurization department in Dubna (Moscow region) supplied with its own demercurization plant URL-2m.

With increasing of usage of luminous lamps as an efficient light source, the problem of their recycling became one of the serious environmental problems of the modern world. Taking into account constant grouth of cost of energy resources, it is clear that in the near future there are no alternatives to luminous lamps as a efficient source of the artificial light.

Large amount of luminous lamps the Society need should be recycled. Meeting this progressive choice our company has developed the reliable, compact and cost-effective equipment for the luminous lamps recycling.

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Technology & products

Our company manufactures compact, vacuum, thermo-demercurization equipment.

The technological process of demercurization is based on the vacuum distillation of a mercury from destroyed lamps with the condensation of vaporized mercury on a surface of a cryogenic trap. The combination of a vacuum principle with a cryogenic technology allows to reach:

  • a. a high speed of demercurization of utilized luminous lamps,
  • b. low residual concentration of mercury in utilized lamps,
  • c. low level of concentration of mercury in exhaust gases of the unit (which is lower than a dangerous concentration of a mercury for a residential zone according to legislation.

The product of the demercurization process is metal mercury which can be reused in the following industrial production.

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We suggest you the unique technology with 100% mercury recycling! Our equipment extracts 100% of mercury from different substunces